Settlement Workers In Schools (S.W.I.S.) Assists-New Canadians with:

  • Understanding school policy and procedure
  • School registration and orientation
  • School transportation scheduling
  • Communicating with educators
  • Parent-teacher interviews
  • Accessing school and community resources and services
  • Provision of interpreter/translator when required

Settlement Workers In Schools (S.W.I.S.) Provides Schools with:

  • Cultural orientation and sensitivity training
  • Links to cross-cultural information
  • Small group workshops on specific cultural issues
  • Cultural interpretation
  • Consultation on school settlement issues


Family Literacy Nights

Settlement Worker In Schools (S.W.I.S.) and Community Connections has just launched a new program for the Families every Wednesday from 5:00-6:00 pm. We have a volunteer tutor and a couple of volunteer assistants to help the families. This program is designed to help them immerse through speaking, listening and writing English and having some fun at the same time.

  • Pre-registration required  for this program
  • Program is offered to eligible Saamis Clients



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