Parenting Courses
Parenting Courses
Parenting courses for newcomers are available throughout the year, and information is posted on this page and on our facebook page.

Cultural, structural, and language differences and misinformation can make it very challenging for newcomers to parent in Canada. This course offers information to newcomers on parenting in Canada, including laws and expectations which may be very different than what they have lived before arriving. The course includes parenting styles and values, ages and stages of development, behaviours and how to manage them, and also ways of finding community support. There will be sessions regarding child discipline and how to protect families in a new culture: bullying, appropriate dress, technology, and racism.

During the sessions, we hope to give some encouragement and suggestions with the challenges parents who are new to Canada may already be facing, as well as challenges they may likely face as your children grow in a new culture.

Registration is required for all parenting courses, and are available to permanent residents of Canada.

Please keep visiting us for updates about future Parenting Courses!