Saamis Immigration Services include on-going programs and services assisting in resettlement and integration of newly arrived immigrants and refugees.

We Provide the Following Services:
  • Welcoming new Government Assisted Refugees upon arrival at the Medicine Hat airport

  • Provision of temporary housing for Government Assisted Refugees destined to Medicine Hat. Our Refugee Reception House opened in 2003 and can house up to 16 people at a time.

  • Information and Orientation Sessions on wide range of topics such as banking, housing, health care, transportation, employment, education, legal system, Canadian culture etc.

  • Securing permanent accommodation and assistance with setting up the initial household

  • Life Skills Coaching
  • Booking assessments for English classes and Referrals for adequate English language training

  • Assistance with Canadian documentation

  • Referrals to the government and community services and other programs offered by S.I.S.A.

  • Supportive, non-therapeutic counseling

  • Emergency interpretation and translation

  • Pre-employment assistance (preparing resumes, making initial contacts and referrals to main stream job training)

  • General assistance as per request

  • Public Awareness and Community Education on various Cross-cultural issues


How to Get Involved

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