Language Instruction for Newcomers (LINC) to Canada program is a federally funded language training for adult permanent residents. In our LINC classes, students learn:

  • basic reading
  • writing
  • listening skills
  • phrases and vocabulary
  • Canadian customs and culture
  • local community resources
  • job readiness

Full-Time LINC:

Offers classes ranging from Canadian Language Benchmark level “Pre” to Level 4. To be eligible for LINC classes a student must be a permanent resident of Canada, be a minimum of 18 years of age and receive a Canadian Language Benchmark Assessment.
Assistance with child care arrangement is
provided. Alberta Child Care Subsidy is also available for those who qualify.

Part – Time LINC:

Offered in the evenings for 3 hours each week. This program provides the opportunity for students to attend LINC classes when they are not available during the day due to a variety of reasons along with helping students reach level 4 in Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing. This could serve as a language proof as per Canadian Citizenship Application requirement.

LINC classes are not open to Temporary Foreign workers or those individuals in Canada on a student visa or work permit.

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