Community Connections (CC) is a volunteer based program in which newcomers to Canada are matched with community volunteers who help them to learn about Canadian values and traditions.

The objective of the Community Connections Program is to help immigrants overcome the stress of moving to a new country.
As a volunteer mentor, there are plenty of ways to assist a newcomer, including skills development activities, academic tutoring, and participating in community events or casual social gatherings. The Program Coordinator will provide training and ongoing support during the mentoring process.

Volunteer Facilitators for Newcomer Programs

A volunteer facilitator is responsible for planning various activities such as field trips, volunteering in the community, hands-on activities, sports, etc. in cooperation with the Program Coordinator. In addition to creating social networks, these programs promote community awareness. Programs offered include:

• Youth Group for Newcomer Youth ages 11-21 years
• Women and Men Groups plus Seniors Circle Groups
• Family Group for Newcomer Families with children 0-12 years

Individuals committed to learn about different cultures and languages, promote diversity and acceptance while strengthening their community are invited to apply.

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